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Duct Outlet is your one stop shop for all of your HVAC needs! We are America’s trusted supplier that has the largest selection of quality Sheet Metal Duct and Fittings on the internet.


3m Venture Foil Tape (Non-Print) DP1020 Fiber Reinforced Duct Sealant 1Gal VIPER EVAP PLUS EVAPORATOR COIL CLEANER
6" X 25' R6.0 Flex Duct w/ Raw Ends DP1010 Duct Sealant 1Gal Snap Lock Pipe
90 Degree Adjustable Elbow Viper Brite Stamped Register 4 Way 8"x8" (104M)
Stamped Register 3 Way 8"x4" (103M) Flex Duct w/ Collar 3" 90 Degree Adjustable Elbow
Bar Type Return Air Filter Grille 14" x 14" (290) Duct Sealant Bar Type Return 8"x8" (270)
Bar Type Supply 3 way 8"x4" (230M) FOIL-GRIP 1402 VIPER AEROSOL COIL CLEANER